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"Travel in the Spirit of the Word"

Petro Logos Tours, a family-run business, is your trusted travel and tourism expert specializing in transformative experiences.

Petro Logos Tours Journey

Tourism expert since 1971

Founded in 2018 by Rizek Petro, Petro Logos Tours is a family-run business in Jerusalem. Rizek started his journey in tourism back in 1971, and today, he works with his sons to offer special pilgrim tours. Combining old traditions with new ideas, our team is dedicated to excellent service. We operate in Jerusalem and have an office in Washington D.C., aiming to grow and reach more people globally.

Rizek Petro
Mr. Rizek Petro - Founder
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"Travel in the Spirit of the Word"
Petro Logos Tours

Our Name

“Petro” is our family name, while “Logos,” a Greek term meaning “Word” as highlighted in John 1:1—”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”

About the Petro Logos Tours Team

Our team is made up of skilled tourism professionals, each with unique abilities and language skills. Together, they focus on making sure every client is satisfied. They’re committed to making your travel experience smooth and enjoyable, always ready to help with any part of your trip planning.

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Our Legacy

At Petro Logos Tours, we combine the personal touch of a family-run business with the expertise of trusted partners to guide you on your pilgrimage journey. Ensuring comfort, safety, and authenticity, we invite you to join us for a truly enriching experience in the sacred Bible Lands


Petro Logos Tours is celebrated for its outstanding travel services, offering everything from deep biblical tours to unique cultural adventures. Our commitment to discovery has made us a trusted name in travel and pilgrimage, providing memorable and personalized experiences for a global clientele.

Our Mission

Petro Logos Tours offers personalized, memorable group tours tailored to your preferences and budget. We focus on quality and professionalism, ensuring each trip—from accommodations to transportation—is expertly managed. With 24/7 support and local guides, each journey is unforgettable.

Our Goals

At Petro Logos Tours, our goal is to exceed expectations and build lasting relationships with our clients. Our focus is on earning trust and creating cherished memories, fostering enduring connections through respect and shared experiences. Our approach is to deliver outstanding service.

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