From the Holy Land, Israel and Palestine, the heart of the Middle East,
PETRO LOGOS TOURS offers you a warm welcome to its quality tours in
the footsteps of Jesus Christ and the Prophets where, a lasting
experience of your visit to the different Holy Sites, churches, basilicas,
mosques, synagogues, monuments, museums, shrines and rich heritage
is awaiting you.
Tailor made tours for groups and individual parties have been
successfully designed since PETRO LOGOS TOURS was established as a
family business in 2018 after more than forty years of experience in
previous travel and hospitality companies. Special attention is paid to the
historical relevance as well as to the desire of our various esteemed
customers from all over the world.
Our comprehensive and enriching programs covering the early Christian
heritage of the Holy Land are constantly revised and enriched by our
professional and experienced team as well as by new discoveries
revealed by the ongoing excavations all over the country. Sample
programs can be seen on our special tours section.
Our main office in Jerusalem meets your requests for tours to the Holy
Land, Israel and the Palestinian territories, Jordan and Egypt, especially
the Sinai Peninsula with the famous Saint Catherine Monastery on the
foot of Mount Moses. We take care of your special desires and make
sure to guarantee you full satisfaction with our services and make your
tour an unforgettable experience.
Through our partners in Jordan, we are also able to offer services in
Syria, Lebanon and other Arab countries.